All Faiths Wedding Officiants

We Write Beautiful Words That End With A Kiss

In the summer of 2011, All Faiths Wedding Officiants of the Triad was born! Jac Grimes found there was a big need for officiants willing to do off beat, geeky and themed weddings as well as those accepting of same sex couples and those from inter-faith and multi-cultural backgrounds. Even though Marriage Equality had not yet become law, couples wanted to be sure their loved ones would be accepted and honored at their weddings. Same sex couples were looking for ways to honor their love and celebrate their relationship, something Jac was happy to do for them.

As the need for his services grew, it was not long before demand outstripped his ability to meet it as a one person operation. He convinced Liz, his wife of many many years, to bring her expertise in religious education and faith development to the company and work with him. She joined him full time in the fall of 2013.

As their business grew, their involvement in the larger wedding professional community grew. They are now members of the Triad Bridal Association, the International Association of Professional Wedding Officiants, the Association of Bridal Consultants as well as local networking organizations. They continue to gain skills and knowledge about current wedding trends by attending conferences, participating in on line learning opportunities and reading as much as they can.

Since 2011, Jac and Liz have performed over 600 unique couple centered wedding ceremonies. They look forward to many more to come!  Your ceremony can be one of the next ones they do—-contact them today!