Zimbro Photography Studios

Wedding Photographer



Keith and Mary Zimbro met in Photography School, each with a dream of improving their technical skills and enhancing their creative styles but finding love instead. 3 years after they met, they married and have been chasing down that dream, together. They are best friends, partners, entrepreneurs, warriors and love their family and friends to the moon and back. Keith is a Marine Veteran and Mary is a breast cancer survivor. Together they are the essence of Zimbro Photography.

We will seize THAT MOMENT (the look in his eyes, the tears, the smiles, the birth,
the grand opening, the authentic second …) so you can relive it time and time again. Your story gets told and remembered with fine art images that will last beyond your years; images to hang on the walls of our home, to put on your desk and carry in your wallet

Don’t ever forget that you are precious, special and unique. Let us help you capture those qualities…capture YOU.

The expression “pictures say a thousand words” describes us as photographers. Below are some images to show you who we are, what’s important to us and what touches our hearts.